[linux-elitists] Burn All JPEGs?

David D. Scribner dscribner@bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 24 14:58:48 PDT 2004

Lance Simmons [lance@lsimmons.net] wrote:
> * David D. Scribner <dscribner@bigfoot.com> [040424 16:37]:
> > 
> > The only smile from me that came from that news is when Joe Bar posted
> > on Newsforge a question to Michael Noonan about what this will do to
> > the GIMP.  Noonan's reply was "That's a difficult question, I don't
> > have the answer to that. I have to defer that to our legal team. Of
> > course, just to be safe, it might be wise for the GIMP developers (as
> > well as all other open source image processing projects which use JPG)
> > to volunteer to donate a percentage of their revenues to Forgent
> > Networks." 
> I think only the first two sentences were quotes.  The punchline looks
> like an editorial comment.  It _would_ be funny (and bizarre) if he'd
> said this, but the layout of the article suggests otherwise.
> -- 
> Lance Simmons

Ah. I can see that now... thanks for the correction! Damn, there goes
that smile.

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