[linux-elitists] 1 Gb e-mail mailboxes?

James Morris jmorris@redhat.com
Mon Apr 5 22:00:03 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Don Marti wrote:

> You could do heinously complicated marketing profiling
> on somebody based on the content of the person's
> _outgoing_ mail.  I don't see anything in the GMail
> privacy policy that would keep them from profiling
> you based on what you send.

Why just outgoing mail?

 "We will never rent, sell or share information that personally 
  identifies you for marketing purposes without your express permission."

This suggests that they can simply anonymize data which is to be rent,
sold or shared.  This is actually what you'd want for aggregate 
information anyway.

Actually, what is the difference between "personally identifies" and just
"identifies" ?  Does this mean that they may release information which can
be used to deduce your identity and personal information?  e.g.  "Out of 
Linux magazine editors with accounts, all of those who burn all GIFs and 
run elitist mailing lists like to attend nudist clambakes".

- James
James Morris

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