[linux-elitists] 1 Gb e-mail mailboxes?

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Apr 5 14:13:01 PDT 2004

begin Aaron Sherman quotation of Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 03:08:53PM -0400:

> If I wanted real-time spammer IP lists, I'd just set up several
> honeypots.

So why does Brightmail need two million addresses?

> Getting a pot into the spammer lists is trivial, and Google
> isn't really going to get any more spam per account than I am.

But Google is assuming the adversary is the Smart
Spammers of the Future, who sort their address lists
by how confident they are that the address belongs
to a human, and push the suspected spamtraps toward
the end of the run.

> The fact
> that they're getting it to millions of mailboxes is rather beside the
> point, since that doesn't represent more origins.

Yes, but with 100 million users, they have a high
likelihood that someone's HTTP request for his or
her current mail will come within seconds after some
clever future spam sneaked through into his or her
mailbox.  A hundred million fingers all clicking the
spam button can't be wrong (well, they can, but throw
some Google math and a little SPF at the problem of
newsletters that people forget they signed up for.)

> Am I missing some value that Google (or Hotmail or Yahoo!) could derive
> here?

You could do heinously complicated marketing profiling
on somebody based on the content of the person's
_outgoing_ mail.  I don't see anything in the GMail
privacy policy that would keep them from profiling
you based on what you send.

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