[linux-elitists] Is Pobox.com using SPF?

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Apr 5 11:55:44 PDT 2004

Quoting Aaron Sherman (ajs@ajs.com):

> I'd be stunned if you get a response.

I had mostly hoped to find out if I were missing something about MTA-end
implementation of SPF -- which is certainly possible.  Please note that
I didn't actually write to Customer Service at all:  To the extent I
actually pondered the matter, I was expecting that substantive mail
received at the abuse@ mailbox concerning their site administration
would be be lobbed over to their sysadmins.

Since I'm not in the business of straightening out their communications
processes, I didn't try to "convince the person who reads it that higher
authorities need to be consulted", but your recommended tactics
certainly sound reasonable for anyone attempting that.

If it's the case that Pobox.com is screwing up implementation of its own
protocol (which I suspected but wasn't sure about, which is why I asked), 
then presumably they'll eventually notice when blackholing of their mail
goes up rather than down.

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