[linux-elitists] Yet another mozilla atrocity

Geoff Lane zzassgl@buffy.sighup.org.uk
Mon Sep 29 10:21:45 PDT 2003

There is a distressing tendency for unix software to become monolithic.  The
old joke about no program being complete until it can read mail must now be
modified to read "no program is complete until it can read mail, read news,
browse the web, take part in instant messaging and act as a desktop."

I hate such programs.

Once upon a time there was Mosaic and it was good (well OKish.)  Mosaic
begat two brothers, Internet Explorer and Netscape and there was a great
rivalry. Each decided that it must become "middleware" and steal the screen
from other programs.  Netscape did this by incorporating mail and news
interfaces.  This was a purely business decision, there is no technical
reason to do this, Netscape didn't attempt to unify the interface to web,
news and email. The intent was to stop users feeling the need to use a
program other than Netscape.

Now we have mozilla, the bastard child of netscape.  It uses the same
interface model as netscape for no good reason.  Is it necessary for every
browser to look like Netscape/IE? No!  In the same way, is it necessary for
every GUI mail browser to look like OutLook?  No, but looking through the
GUI email clients available in FreshMeat almost without exception the user
interface looks like OutLook.

Software is complex enough without every browser attempting to do everything
and emulate the dubious interface decided by Microsoft. We deserve better.

Geoff Lane
If compulsary identity cards are introduced, can I at least choose a
different, better, identity first?

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