[linux-elitists] Urgent: Scandinavia and UK govt/public admin FLOSS contacts?

Ragnar Hojland Espinosa ragnar@linalco.com
Thu Sep 25 14:51:20 PDT 2003

We are to participate in an EU tender towards OSS encouragement and
promotion.  Basically it means making reports (does it sound exciting
yet;) of implemented OSS solutions on any kind of public organism for
the EC to evaluate the usage of FLOSS throughout the EU territory (and
candidate countries) and issue recommendations based on those

If any of you have contacts with public adminstation/bodies (even little
city councils would do) in UK and Scandinavia that have any kind of
open source software, please write now (or better, call or leave your
phone no.) its urgent as the paperwork has to be finished by monday.
We'd really like to make a difference and push for FLOSS. 

Late late late..
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