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begin Don Marti quotation of Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 06:02:11PM -0700:

> There's also the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.
> ( http://www.bakerstreet221b.de/canon/silv.htm ) Nobody who has
> the necessary information to make an informed decision about the
> merits of SCO's claims is acting in a way that's consistent with
> those claims.  There are many Unix source licensees who have had
> every opportunity to examine their own copies of Unix kernel and
> Linux source for possible infringement.

Just got off the conference call with Martin Fink.  The usual IT
journalist crowd was there.

Important direct quotes:

"HP has not signed any Linux-specific agreement with SCO."

"HP has conducted thorough due diligence into this matter."

I asked about whether or not they did a new check of SYSV and Linux
source for possibly suspicious sections, and no comment on what "due
diligence" includes.  "I won't comment on our internal analysis."
is what he told another questioner.

Good questioning from Robin "roblimo" Miller on how small of a
customer the indemnification (i13n, anyone?) extends to, and it
goes all the way down to the individual customer buying one copy
of a distribution, if you (1) buy through HP and (2) run it on
HP hardware.  And, yes, you can buy it with one machine and run it
on another, if they're both from HP.  Martin did mention a price
of $30, but the lowest-priced Linux box I see on their site is $536
for what looks like a pretty nice desktop system (a little light on
memory though; I'd at least spend the $50 to bring it up to 256MB).

Existing customers will have to sign some extra paperwork to get
in on the deal.

So that puts the i13n-o-meter at 2.5 (yes, Sun is the 0.5 thanks
to robot pinhead Jonathan Schwartz).

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