[linux-elitists] Censorship, eh? Re: Request to mailing list tmda-users rejected

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 23 20:59:08 PDT 2003

Quoting George Georgalis (georgw@galis.org):

> All posts to the tmda-user list are being moderated now....

Almost certainly cover for exactly _one_ person's posts being rejected,
I suspect.

> because your anti tmda posts on the tmda list turned it into an
> inferno.

A fair reading of the list archive would -- in my view -- suggest that
it was the stubborn ignoring of Karsten's substantive points and
conducting unremitting personal attacks that did the latter.  (I refer,
here, not to you but rather to quite a number of other tmda-users

> heh, but I'm dev nulled because you felt like it. (or rather I
> mentioned a concern that I sent R-C to list posts, but actually nobody
> got them.)

Certainly, Karsten's linux-elitists reply to you was pretty peevish,
and you were just seeking to explain the accidental challenge mails that
might have been sent to some members.  I'm glad to hear that that mishap
didn't happen -- but, after all that, there's something a bit unsavoury
about your (now) taking personal shots in public at someone who (you
say) isn't going to see them.

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