[linux-elitists] (tmda) Re: Constraining Bogus challenges.

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 23 17:49:05 PDT 2003

Quoting Matt Beland (matt@rearviewmirror.org):

> If I misread Larry's statement, and he is in fact not a supporter of C-R 
> systems, then of course my comments were misdirected and I apologize.

I've been most trying to point out to several reasonable and intelligent
people some common ground that they have quite possibly missed.  

Knowing Larry as I do, I think that some of his wording was (very) poorly
chosen but intended without malice -- and I very much doubt he's a C-R
supporter, but merely was reacting with incredulity to Karsten's
statistical claim.  Because almost all statistics in this area are
bogus, a knee-jerk assumption of bogosity is understandable.

> I do strongly feel that his characterization of content-filtering
> systems and their efficacy was not as well-researched as he claimed.

My recollection is that Larry didn't actually include such claims,
though I may be mistaken.  (I'm unable to reach the mailing list archive
at the moment.)

> Nah. For me at least, spam has me mildly annoyed, Swen et. al. has me
> cranky, C-R systems have me really ticked off. I just got two more
> complaints from end users about C-R challenges they received.

Indeed, in an attempt to better deal with all of the above, I've just
now switched to SMTP-time accept/reject rules using Exim4, which I have
reason to expect will give vastly better results than my aging Exim3 [1]
setup.  (I'm mostly trying to make sure I didn't break anything, e.g.,
Mailman integration, before trying to enable SA inside Exim4

My Exim3 + procmail + SA-via-procmail setup finally collapsed,
yesterday, under the avalanche of SWEN-related mails, etc.  Even after
doubling the RAM to 256 MB, my poor old PIII/500 hit a load factor of
300 before I was able to regain control:  It would keep spawning more
and more SA processes until it dove into swap, and then never ground its
way back down.  

I haven't yet enabled exim-sa local-scan (SMTP-time SA checking), but 
spam is way down just based on Exim rulesets, and load is pretty nice:
load average: 0.02, 0.01, 0.00

[1] Which is no longer maintained, so it was time to move on, anyway.

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