[linux-elitists] linux-elitist and tmda

George Georgalis georgw@galis.org
Mon Sep 22 12:36:26 PDT 2003

Hi Folks,

First off, apologies for the tmda confirm requests some of you have

I installed tmda this weekend and all seems okay, accept some
linux-elitist posts.

The (envelope) Return-Path field is

one of my incoming filter rules is
to-file ~/.tmda/lists/whitelist_to ok

the whitelist file contains

I've also used an incoming filter rule
from-file ~/.tmda/lists/whitelist_from ok

which also contains

still, some posts are not matching the tmda whitelist and showing like
this in the log....

Date: Mon Sep 22 13:41:44 EDT 2003
Sndr: linux-elitists-bounces@zgp.org
From: Ari Jort <arijort@speakeasy.net>
  To: georgw@galis.org
Subj: Re: [linux-elitists] Swen
Actn: CONFIRM pending 1064252503.12096.msg                              (1085)

Can anyone give me a clue why?

// George

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