[linux-elitists] Pedantry (was: Swen)

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Sun Sep 21 17:17:49 PDT 2003

begin  Steve Beattie  quotation:
> Or you can use the following spamassasin based procmail recipe, if
> you'd like to be able to keep your virii seperate from your spam:

"Virii" would be the plural of the mythical word "virius", assuming
that "virius" were a third-declension masculine noun.  Given that
"virus" is neuter, one would be tempted to pluralize it "virora" (just
as "opus" becomes "opera").  The truth of the matter is that "virus"
in Latin is a substance, like air, and cannot be pluralized.  Thus,
the plural of "virus" is "viruses".

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