[linux-elitists] Groklaw responds to Darl's Open Letter

Gustaf Erikson gustafe@home.se
Sat Sep 20 14:24:21 PDT 2003

>From The Inquirer, via Slashdot:


An excerpt:

     It took only a day or so for the source code shown at SCOForum to
     begin to be identified by members of the open source
     community. If we do not police source code effectively, as you
     claim, why were they able to so quickly identify the code? You,
     in contrast, had no idea where that source code came from, or to
     whom it belonged, or you surely would not have used it to attempt
     to prove "infringement" of "your" source code. The evidence
     indicates it is your due diligence system that is broken, not

Stirring stuff!


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