[linux-elitists] Ha ha phony qmail

Gustaf Erikson gustafe@home.se
Sat Sep 20 07:19:43 PDT 2003

corbet-elite@lwn.net (Jonathan Corbet) writes:

>> And I wish I knew who was responsible, because I'd complain that the
>> fake message is nowhere near as 'friendly', condescending, and generally
>> Eddie-the-Shipboard-Computer-ish to be a *real* qmail message.  
> Hey, it's even better than that...
>   <iframe src="cid:pjjtdhzccwane" height=0 width=0></iframe>
>   <BR>This is the qmail program<BR>
>   <BR>I'm sorry I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses:<BR>
>   <BR><BR><BR>Undeliverable message to <B>ovnipgibc@rocketmail.com</B>
> I've never had qmail speak HTML at me before...maybe DJB finally released
> an updated version? :)

First wierd licenses, then HTML mail messages *and* virus delivery!!!
DJB ought to be stopped before he kills again! DJB sucks! qmail sucks!
All hail Sendmail and BIND!!!

/g., who subscribed to this list because he read an entertaining
thread in the archives where DJB tried to sue Rick Moen... or am I
hallucinating again? Damn 'flu...

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