[linux-elitists] The hairball speaks

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Sep 12 01:06:27 PDT 2003

Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net):

> Fine, so I'll definitely amend that statement.  I'm sure the
> producers could broadcast it if they wanted to.  Nobody wants them to.
> I don't want them to!  Microsoft's probably the only group that would.

But of course, since nobody else particularly cared what Microsoft Corp.
would have wanted published, and the press was enjoying a man-bites-dog
story, basically the only damage was that the moment wasn't used as it
might have been.

> However, I never made the claim that you attributed to me that
> somehow OTHER opportunities (such as one-on-ones with reporters) were
> somehow absent.

You're right, but I was so taken aback at the dismissal of Eric's entire
participation based on his first, 13-word sentence that I (mistakenly)
thought you were saying nothng else he said was useful.  Mind you, I
heard only snippets, so that scenario was possible.

[useful description of TV coverage snipped]

> Most coverage just showed him intoning "Weee don't want YOUUUR
> Windows!"  I think the man-in-the-crowd interviews (and yes, they were
> all men) came across as more informative and sympathetic.  At this
> point, that's subjective and not worth another am-not-are-too round
> with Rick Moen.

No, I'll take your word for that.  But what I recall is that, _even_ 
when you hand the press some juicy soundbites on a platter, about half
the time they do some random fandango of their own devising, anyway.  
Whether that's what happened, I don't know.

I believe the optimal strategy, generally (if you want to control your 
message at such an event), is to have one designated spokesman who will 
be willing to stick to saying almost nothing but a very few
pre-prepared, easily digestible statements that you want quoted and
shown on-screen.  I figure the art of doing that can probably be
cultivated with practice -- and that it would be no fun at all.

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