[linux-elitists] The hairball speaks

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Fri Sep 12 00:27:57 PDT 2003

<quote who="Nick Moffitt">

> 	I mean, hell, I finished a call with a reporter a few weeks
> before the event that had me biting my fist and bonking myself on the
> head calling out "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"  I wasn't a professional
> spokesman, and it took a long time to get to the point where I could
> talk to the press without seeming slow, smug, or uninteligible.  
> 	So yeah, I probably couldn't have done any better.  Don't pick
> me as a "mouthpiece for Open Source" either!

I think the most important part of being a 'mouthpiece' for any Open Source
group (be it a project or a community) is being able to lose the ego, and
direct your audience to the best person to answer the question, even if you
think your point of view is (important|correct|very clever|inarguable).

My casual and not-outrageously-violent beef with Eric is that he seems to
want to be the talking head, instead of giving a voice to people who may
have a better grasp of a given situation. Plus the whole conduit between the
community and the business world thing... He's totally not the right person,
but he doesn't seem to grok that.

ESR and maddog in a ring, I say. Pretty safe bet there, too.

- Jeff

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