[linux-elitists] e-mail scriptrollas

Michael C. Toren mct@toren.net
Thu Sep 11 22:58:06 PDT 2003

> It's possible that this is simply the sort of thing that appropriate
> IMAP use will grant you (provided your IMAP server does mbox
> securely).  It's just that many people have advocated what you *can*
> do with IMAP, but nobody seems to have ever written anything that lets
> you *actually do it*.

Several such IMAP-syncing tools already exist, however at least some of
them require the use of maildir mailboxes.  I've experimented only briefly
with isync (http://isync.sourceforge.net/), but others I'm aware of
include imapsync (http://www.linux-france.org/prj/imapsync/), and mailsync

One of the projects on my if-I-ever-find-the-time TODO list is to see if
it's practical to run three or more equal-cost, geographically diverse
primary MX hosts, and use one of the tools mentioned above to keep the
inboxes in sync with one another; I'd then have the ability to ssh into
any one of the three boxes that happens to be reachable at any given time
to read mail.  If anyone manages to experiment with this before I do, I
would be very interested in discussing the results with you.


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