[linux-elitists] e-mail scriptrollas

Larry M. Augustin lma@lmaugustin.com
Thu Sep 11 22:54:44 PDT 2003

begin  Nick Moffitt  quote:
>begin Adam Kessel  quotation:
>> While we're on this metatopic, I do almost all my email on BART, so
>> I really appreciate the inclusion of article text in postings.
>	This brings me to an idea that I'd like to post in the spirit
>of establishing prior art.

<good idea trimmed>

Nick, I've wanted to do this for a long time.  You have exactly the right
idea.  The MUA creates a journal for the transactions done offline, and then
a set of scripts syncs the changes to the server when you're online.  BTW, I
think you could do everything over IMAP with no modifications to the server.
All of the intelligence could reside in the MUA.

But as for prior art, Outlook XP does this with the exception that it
doesn't allow moving messages between folders when offline from IMAP
servers.  (Deletions and other status changes work.)  I've heard that the
new Outlook in Office11 due out end of this year does.  So Microsoft
probably already has some of this patented.


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