[linux-elitists] Torvalds to SCO: Negotiate What?

Tim Hammerquist tim+linux-elitists@vegeta.ath.cx
Thu Sep 11 17:26:10 PDT 2003

Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Andrew  quotation:
> > Personally I like these "check this link, here's my take on
> > it" posts that a number of people are posting to the list.
> > It not only provides a place to start discussion on a
> > particular article, but also serves to attract attention to
> > specific articles online; articles that one may miss in while
> > wading through the great vast internet.
> If you want slashdot, you know where to find it.

If slashdot had a 90% accurate "Filter clueless people" option, I
think some would not be on this list...

Tim Hammerquist
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