[linux-elitists] Torvalds to SCO: Negotiate What?

Don Marti dmarti@ssc.com
Thu Sep 11 14:40:15 PDT 2003

begin Andrew quotation of Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 03:27:04PM -0400:

> Do you seriously have a problem with someone providing a link directly to 
> the source instead of mightilly bellowing "Use Google, you fool!" ?
> Or is your complaint rather that these postings don't add much to the 
> original article?

original story:

list posting:

> Personally I like these "check this link, here's my take on it" posts that a 
> number of people are posting to the list.

Excerpt, link and commentary can be good.

Pasting in an entire Infoworld story minus byline is bad.

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