[linux-elitists] The hairball speaks

Andrew akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Thu Sep 11 05:35:50 PDT 2003

> > We reach the apex, mill about finding optimal crowd formation,
> > and the Microsoft rep says his polite pre-written piece.  The crowd is
> > hushed.  All cameras turn to the visiting celebrity guest, who opines:

> > "When are you guys gunna realize that this makes you look like

> Disclaimer:  I wasn't able to hear much of what Eric said, mostly
> because I was nervously wandering around making sure nobody elsewhere on
> the parking structure was messing up and trying to do something stupid
> (and generally trying to figure out what was going on, since we hadn't
> been sure what reception to expect).  However, my understanding is that
> Eric hardly stopped there, and the small portions that I _did_ hear
> sounded pretty reasonable.

First impressions count.  Big time.  ESR took a ton of air out of the sails 
with that opening remark, robe or no robe.  I have to say that this cements 
in my mind the number one reason why ESR shouldn't be within pickup range 
of any microphone.

With the angst out of his system, he makes very eloquent prose.  The man 
should be a speech writer for someone who knows how to behave in front of a 
camera and act as a figurehead, but he shouldn't ever be in front of said 
camera.  He comes across as the kid who opens his class speech by 
armpit-farting to get your attention.  Effective, but extraordinarily 


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