[linux-elitists] The hairball speaks

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Sep 10 21:49:16 PDT 2003

Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net):

> We reach the apex, mill about finding optimal crowd formation,
> and the Microsoft rep says his polite pre-written piece.  The crowd is
> hushed.  All cameras turn to the visiting celebrity guest, who opines:
> "When are you guys gunna realize that this makes you look like
> Blam.  The single most amazing opportunity to get our message
> out, and it can't even be played on daytime TV even if the producers
> wanted to.

May the spirit of George Carlin be with you, my son.  

That opening remark, albeit graceless and ill-advised, didn't include
any of Carlin's Seven Dirty Words You Can Never Say on Television.  And
I believe I remember hearing that other clips from Eric's remarks _did_
make daytime TV.

> No message, no courtesy.  Just a puerile piece of uninteresting
> anti-Microsoftism with an arbitrary cuss word at the end.

Disclaimer:  I wasn't able to hear much of what Eric said, mostly
because I was nervously wandering around making sure nobody elsewhere on
the parking structure was messing up and trying to do something stupid
(and generally trying to figure out what was going on, since we hadn't
been sure what reception to expect).  However, my understanding is that
Eric hardly stopped there, and the small portions that I _did_ hear
sounded pretty reasonable.

It was difficult for any of us to plan in advance what to say upon
arrival, simply because of uncertainty about what we'd be facing.
My "Questions for the Man" flyer[1] did turn out to be on-point, as you
say.  But, aside from that, everybody pretty much had to wing it.

On the whole, I was pretty much just delighted the whole event didn't
blow up in our faces.  I seem to recall that the television coverage
mostly featured long-distance shots of our huge column of marchers,
Chris di Bona and TV reporters showing on-camera that Microsoft was
hiding from its customers, and predictably short excerpts from Eric's
on-microphone remarks.  Microsoft's unwillingness to deal with its
customers was featured heavily, and all the other messages we were
trying to get out seemed to come through well.

[1] http://loyalty.org/~schoen/questions-for-the-man.html

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