[linux-elitists] The hairball speaks

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Wed Sep 10 20:41:25 PDT 2003

begin  Justin F. Knotzke  quotation:
>    ESR's statements and actions have come into question before. ESR
> made reference to wearing a Obi-Wan Kenobi uniform during a Windows
> Refund protest.
>    This caused a bit of a stir:
>    http://lists.svlug.org/pipermail/svlug/1999-February/010840.html
>    Probably very minor in scope but it was the early days of the
> movement and ESR has since gained more credibility in the press.

	Okay, so speaking as someone who was *there*, I'll say that
the obi-wan costume was cute and harmless, even if it didn't really
help much.  Mae Ling stitched it together out of something else, so I
think it had a green lining with pictures of teddy bears on it.  It
was actually a reference to a set of User Friendly comic strips.

	The SVLUG thread was just a bunch of simpering twits who
couldn't move past the ad-hominem.  What ESR did wrong, in the opinion
that is mine by birthright, was showing his pathetic canines the
moment he got the soapbox.  

	Imagine if you will that we have a well-orchestrated march and
event, with walkie-talkies, regional rendez-vous points, and other
things that Don Marti helped us realize we needed.  We had plenty of
time for pre- and post-interviews, and lots of good printed material
from Rick Moen with QUESTIONS FOR THE MAN.  ESR is the celebrity
guest, or as near as they come, and we all marched up to the top
parking structure surrounded by network TV, print and on-line press,
NPR and other radio recordings, and so forth.  The Microsoft booth has
a big banner graciously reading "Microsoft welcomes the Open Source
community", and there were a few sodas out for parched throats.

	We reach the apex, mill about finding optimal crowd formation,
and the Microsoft rep says his polite pre-written piece.  The crowd is
hushed.  All cameras turn to the visiting celebrity guest, who opines:

	"When are you guys gunna realize that this makes you look like

	Blam.  The single most amazing opportunity to get our message
out, and it can't even be played on daytime TV even if the producers
wanted to.  No message, no courtesy.  Just a puerile piece of
uninteresting anti-Microsoftism with an arbitrary cuss word at the

	So babble all you want about the costume, and malign his
character on overloaded LUG lists.  See if I care.  But don't try and
hold a brown bathrobe up as "where ESR went wrong".  

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