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Justin F. Knotzke jknotzke@shampoo.ca
Wed Sep 10 09:09:17 PDT 2003

<quote who=Adam Kessel date=[030910 11:32]/>

> Although it's more of a technique for framing the facts rather than a
> legal argument, if they succeed in portraying us a unified entity (like a
> corporation) it might bolster their attempt to hold everyone liable for
> what might have been the wrong act of an individual member of the
> community.  

    I agree with you on this. The mainstream press sort of "gets it"
when it describes the OSS community as a bunch of 'hackers in their
basements coding for a common cause..' but its so much easier to point
at a "leader" instead of the movement itself.

    This isn't strategy by SCO per se but I believe comes more from
their idea that OSS is somehow communism with a few 'leaders':

    "Mr McBride argues that he cannot reveal the detailed code that SCO
lays claim to because to do so would be, in effect, .open-sourcing.
it.which to his mind would be capitulating to communism."


    [ Not sure if that's the author paraphrasing or an actual statement
by McBride]. Nevertheless, IIRC SCO had "commie" type placards up during
the recent SCO protests..


    The idea would be that OSS is really some form of geek-communism and
in SCO's minds we are all part of some sort of cabal.

    Like every 'movement' before OSS the people who stood most to lose
would always look for a 'leader' in attempts to go after that leader
thus discrediting the movement as a whole. Its unfair yet sometimes

   This is why I agree somewhat that someone point out that ESR isn't
the OSS movement. He is but one person like any other. If ESR ever did
say or do so something detrimental to the community, will be easy for
the mainstream press and SCO to point at ESR and say "told you they were
all whacked" 

   ESR's statements and actions have come into question before. ESR
made reference to wearing a Obi-Wan Kenobi uniform during a Windows
Refund protest.


   This caused a bit of a stir:


   Probably very minor in scope but it was the early days of the movement
and ESR has since gained more credibility in the press.


Justin F. Knotzke

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