[linux-elitists] The hairball speaks

John S J Anderson jacobs@genehack.org
Tue Sep 9 21:27:57 PDT 2003

jim@netgate.com writes:

> The software business is becoming a lot like the construction
> business.  Project after project after project, and it belongs mostly
> to those who do the work; architects, designers and builders.
> Where do MSFT and SCO fit in this world?

  Somebody has to make drafting tables, and T squares, and mill
  lumber, and manufacture drills. There are still economies of scale,
  and standards, even in custom construction. 

  (Not to say FOSS can't provide that, or that it can't do a better
  job; just pointing out that there is a niche there that calls for a
  large player to fill it.)

"In all things it is a good idea to hang a question mark now and then
on the things we have taken for granted."
  - Bertrand Russel

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