[linux-elitists] Linux fan to run against Arnie in California election

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Fri Sep 5 12:36:01 PDT 2003

While i know not everyone on this list lives in California i do know alot of us 
do so this is somewhat relevent to those of us who do.

from that page.

An unlikely contender in the bizarre race for governor of California that has 
seen Arnold Schwarzenegger, bankrupt child actor Gary Coleman and porn publisher 
Larry Flynt throw their hats into the ring is a young female software engineer 
promoting the use of open source. 

Georgy Russell, is a very un-geeky 26-year-old who works for Veritas and 
graduated from Berkley with a computer science degree. A Democrat, she has 
launched a campaign promising the legalisation of drugs, gay marriages and a 
universal health care system. 

One of her heroes is the father of open source, Linus Torvalds, who was himself 
the subject of a hoax story last week that had him running in the race for 
Governor and another prong of Russell's election campaign is promoting the wider 
use of open source software. 

Russell's campaign website outlines her election platform, has a link to her 
weblog, and even contains an online merchandise area selling 'Georgy for 
Governor 2003' thongs. 

In her speeches she targets the disaffected and apathetic young generation, 
advocating the use of the internet and technology to make a difference. 

"While the majority of dot-coms are dead, the internet still thrives. Our 
generation - the internet generation if you will, can approach problem solving 
in the government with new ideas and a focus on innovation that older 
generations can't. We understand the flow of information online, and we are not 
afraid of trying something new," she said in one of the speeches published on 
her website. 

Voting in the election to replace current incumbent Gray Davis takes place on 7 

link to her website.

The site georgyforgov.com is running Apache on Linux.  

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