[linux-elitists] Dean campaign looking for Linux programmers

Doc Searls doc@searls.com
Thu Sep 4 17:44:32 PDT 2003

I just got an email with the following, from folks involved with the 
Howard Dean campaign:

>HQ is looking for two dedicated Linux programmers who can work for a 
>lot less than they are worth.
>Harish would like to fill these yesterday. Can you help?
>Replies to:
>Harish Rao
>IT Director
>Dean for America

If you're interested, write me and I'll give you his phone number 
and/or email address.

Context: I'm told that Dean is trying to run an "open source 
campaign". Looking at Netcraft, it appears that most of the Dean 
campaign servers are running mostly on freeware. The main ones:





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