[linux-elitists] SCO sales isn't yet authorized to sell Linux licenses

M. Drew Streib dtype@dtype.org
Thu Sep 4 16:13:56 PDT 2003

"My ongoing battle to try to give SCO Money"
by Drew


Thursday, Sept 4, 2003

Two weeks ago, I wised up.

I was sitting at my laptop, developing a product for my business on
Linux, and thought to myself "If SCO really does have IP in Linux,
then I'd better get me some licenses."

I called SCO.

The salesperson assured me that though they were backordered, I would
hear from a sales rep within two weeks. This was sort of frustrating,
since this meant that for two weeks my business was probably using
copyrighted software without a license, but owhell.

Two weeks passed without a phone call.

I called them again today, and a salesperson, beginning with "I don't
know quite how to explain this", let me know that there wasn't
a product manager for Linux licenses, and that there wasn't currently
a way for salespeople to sell these licenses. They were frustrated, too.

Since my business model involves distributing application servers, 
I expressed concern over the transferability of the license, and asked
if the license itself was available. It is not.

More assurances followed that this will be productized soon, and
I'll receive a phone call from my sales rep. Apparently the sales
force for SCO is pretty much in the dark about the whole thing (and
none to happy about it).

When I offer money to a sales rep, and he can't manage to give me
any product for it, we have a problem. As we all know, a sales rep
would sell his boss's children if it a customer was willing to offer
money for them. (And it counted towards his quartly sales quotas.)


Moral of the story? I don't quite know. Despite all the arm waving,
SCO is still unable to let me throw money at them. They don't even
have a prospective license for me to view.

I'm continuously pointed to the three sentences on their web site,
which is all that even their salespeople know about the product.

How is it that they already have a fortune 500 customer, if they can't
even sell the thing to me using advertised prices?

Didn't they have a $699 offer for licenses that expired a couple
weeks ago, and the price went up to $1399 or so? According to my
own research, not ONE person must have bought at $699, because it 
is impossible according to their own salespeople to even purchase a 
license right now.



M. Drew Streib <dtype@dtype.org>
Independent Rambler, Software/Standards/Freedom/Law -- http://dtype.org/
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