[linux-elitists] Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Mon Sep 1 05:38:25 PDT 2003

Hey elitists,

    This is old news (and I'm sure I should have checked old posts to
    the list before reviving an old thread) but I just read Cory
    Doctorow's novel "Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom" online 
    tonight. I read the whole thing here:
    ... but ASCII, HTML, PalmOS and PDF versions are available at:


    Now, Cory isn't *just* a Bitchun science fiction writer ... he's
    *also* the Outreach Coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation
    <http://www.eff.org> and co-editor of the popular weblog
    boingboing.net -- but aside from all that fluff, his novel is great.

    You should read it:
    Check it out:


    Anyway, I stayed awake for three or four hours later than I'd
    anticipated, ensnared by the Disney World of the future. Sorry if
    this post is less coherent than my last; I'm overdue for a brain
    backup and restoration into a fresh clone body.


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