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Lucas Gonze writes:
>Speaking of kill files, does anybody know why Red Hat 9 is so much 
>slower than previous versions?  I installed it on the beater box that I 
>lend out and use for emergencies and it's unusable.

A few reasons:

- - UTF-8 by default throughout the OS, including in the boot scripts; this
  means odd and/or non-optimized collation rules etc. make sure you set
  "LANG=C" instead of "LANG=en_US.utf8".

- - some horrible wchar_t patches applied to various things.  The RH9
  version of Tcl/Tk, for example, uses 4x the RAM for text areas, due to a
  patch that makes them use wchar_t instead of char.   This *massively*
  screws up most useful Tk apps, like ExMH.

- - apparently, RH9 came with block cache settings that are suboptimal.
  A thread here:
  and elsewhere notes that this helps:

	/sbin/sysctl -w vm.bdflush="30 500 0 0 2560 15360 60 20 0"


My next install will run Debian ;) -- assuming Fedora doesn't sort it
all out.  The UTF-8 fiasco especially pissed me off.

PS: re http://www.w3.org/2003/10/28-906-briefing -- go W3C!

- --j.
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