[linux-elitists] Cheeseheads aren't 'Softies: UWisc Mad exited MSFT license June 31, 2003

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Wed Oct 29 05:22:28 PST 2003

The story broke May 13, but apparently didn't get much coverage.

University of Wisconsin, Madison:

    elected to not participate in the UW-System site license renewal for
    Microsoft products. That license expired on July 31, 2003 for
    UW-Madison. UW-Madison departments own licenses for the versions
    current as of July 31, 2003 for the Microsoft desktop products
    included in the original contract. They can continue to use those
    licenses indefinitely on department-owned machines.

Replacement for MS Office is Sun's StarOffice, under Sun's free
educational license.

More information:


Might be interesting to see a follow-up / progress report, I'm
contacting 'em for same.


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