[linux-elitists] Re: Linux ports

Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Tue Oct 28 16:51:24 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-28 at 15:17, Jason Spence wrote:
> However, I don't run a car factory or a nuclear weapons facility at my

Those of us actually at nuclear weapons facilities know that they are in
fact migrating from Unix to Linux. Basically because they believe that
only linux will exist in X years and they know that they can hire people
to work on linux to make it do exactly what they need it to do. The
gov't knows that they can always ensure that they will have money to
solve problems. They can't be sure that X company will still exist. 

a.k.a. bwoodard@llnl.gov

> house, so I have a big collection of UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows
> machines which I use for playtime :) Although you can use Perl and
> bash on my VMS machines, you just can't escape DCL and EDT, and when
> you have to use them it always feels like more like work than play.

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