[linux-elitists] Re: Linux ports

Michael Shields shields@msrl.com
Thu Oct 23 09:00:11 PDT 2003

In message <20031022211046.GI28514@linuxmafia.com>,
Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> The NetBSD people would point out that they support all of _their_
> platforms from a single source tree, whereas a lot of the Linux
> implementations were one-offs that may not remain tenable for long -- 
> if they still are.

Of the list of architectures Adam Sampson posted in
<y2aad7tx7p9.fsf@cartman.at.fivegeeks.net>, all are present in the
mainline 2.6.0 tree.  Most architectures do have a splinter tree with
fixes in it, but so do many core features like SCSI; this doesn't
imply that the mainline is unusable.

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