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Academician Kula tkula@io.com
Wed Oct 22 21:43:33 PDT 2003

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Modus Operandi wrote:

>  Not that uptime is the only consideration ... what are some advantages
>  of GNU/Linux over VMS, or vice-versa?
>  (I'd be surprised to find a bunch of OpenVMS-elitists on the
>  Linux-elitists list ... but those people are out there!)

I'm not sure I'd consider myself a VMS-elitist, but I have a fond place in 
my heart for that OS because it was what was on the first 'real' machine I 
used back in college. I have a cluster of 4 machines at home that I run on 
occasion (typically in the winter, when I need to kick in a little extra 

I've never rigorously administered VMS systems, just played with them, but 
the clustering stuff seems to be a pretty keen thing. It's fairly easy for 
me to add machines to the cluster and have things like user and 
authorization info and resources (disks, printers, etc) shared between the 
systems. GNU/Linux is seeing stuff like that with things like 
NIS/ldap/hesiod and various network filesystems, and clustering stuff like 

Besides, I find VAXen fun pieces of hardware to work with, and as someone 
once said, "It doesn't matter if your system is faster than mine. Mine 
could crush yours if it fell over on top of it."

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