[linux-elitists] Re: Linux ports

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Oct 22 15:29:15 PDT 2003

Quoting Joey Hess (joey@kitenet.net):

> Progress was made on bringing linux up on the VAX at the Oldenburg
> developer's meeting a month ago. I think there was already a base kernel
> port, and now it boots to a shell, or nearly so. FWIW.

http://linux-vax.sourceforge.net/newfaq/newfaq.html says:

The kernel boots and works, in a somewhat basic fashion, on a subset of
VAX systems.

We currently know that we boot to shell on the following VAXen:

    * VAXstation 3100m30 (KA42 CPU)
    * VAXstation 3100m38 (KA42 CPU)
    * VAXstation 3100m76 (KA43 CPU)
    * VAXstation 4000/60 (KA46 CPU)

We have, in the past, at least partially booted on the following:

    * VAXstation 3500 (KA650 CPU)
    * VAXstation II/GPX (KA630 CPU)
    * MicroVAX 3400 (KA640 CPU)
    * VAXserver 4000-200 (KA660 CPU)
    * VAXstation 3100m85 (KA55 CPU)

We have drivers for the console, ethernet and SCSI on the;

    * VAXstation 3100m76 (KA43 CPU)
    * VAXstation 3100m38 (KA42 CPU)
    * VAXstation 4000/60 (KA46 CPU) (not SCSI yet)

and works in progress for the SCSI and ethernet on the

    * VAXstation 4000/60 (KA46 CPU)
    * VAXstation 3100m85 (KA55 CPU)

So at present, if you want the most complete Linux/VAX experience, get
hold of a VAXStation 3100m30/38 or 76. 

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