[linux-elitists] Linux ports

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Oct 22 14:06:20 PDT 2003

Quoting Jeff Kinz (jkinz@kinz.org):

> Does anyone know where I can find of a list of platforms Linux has 
> been ported to?

Just for perversity's sake, I'm maintaining a fairly complete list of
_processors_ to which Linux has been ported (the concept of "platform"
being a little fuzzy -- see below) at the beginning of the Linux User
Group HOWTO:


Actually, it's not entirely for perversity's sake:  When I inherited the
HOWTO, it had a rather feeble and incomplete list of supported CPUs in
section 1.1 -- and I personally think (merely) listing supported CPUs is
a bit silly, but figure that a _grandly_ silly, comprehensive list is
better than a feeble and incomplete one.

As Matthew Galgoci said, there's a whole lot more to supporting some of
the more peculiar boxen (what many mean by "platform") than just
compiling to its CPU type.  You have issues of bus support, and heavens 
knows what else.  Accordingly, I've added some links that should help
with the broader (and more useful) questions of "Is there a Linux for
board foo?  And would any sane person want to run it?"

Cheers,                                            Rehab is for quitters.
Rick Moen

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