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Jeff Kinz jkinz@kinz.org
Wed Oct 22 12:17:10 PDT 2003

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 08:01:36PM +0100, Adam Sampson wrote:
> Jeff Kinz <jkinz@kinz.org> writes:
> > I'm having a "conversation" with someone who's claiming BSD has been
> > ported to 55 platforms, and claiming thats more than Linux.
> Well, "BSD" covers a whole family of operating systems, including a
> load of proprietary OSs built to run on specialist bits of hardware,

Because of the context of the discussion we are excluding proprietary

Taken out of their original order:
> FreeBSD covers fewer. 
> Both Linux and NetBSD have platforms that only they support.
I certainly agree with these statements.

> NetBSD certainly covers more architectures than Linux does; 
I first used A BSD OS in 1983 or so (on SUN-1's) so I'm very aware
of the lengthy history of BSD-UNIX.  

Question #1 : Given the rapid adoption and diverse nature of the
platforms which Linux and Linux derivatives like culinux and rt-linux
are being propagated are you still sure that NetBSD covers more
architectures?  (Can you point me at some info that I can peruse to make
myself more aware of what NetBSD is running on?)

Question #2 : Is there a good list of the NetBSD ports anywhere?
(Yes, I'm lazy trying to optomize my time. :-) )

Disclaimer # 257: I'm not bashing BSD, just talking about differing
growth trends.


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