[linux-elitists] TheStreet: SCO Group Soars on Upgrade

Adam Kessel adam@bostoncoop.net
Thu Oct 16 15:19:18 PDT 2003

"SCO Group Soars on Upgrade"

Interesting quote:

> Accordingly, Skiba advised investors not to discount a potential
> takeout of SCO, particularly if the firm is able to slow down the
> adoption of Linux. SCO management has indicated $1 billion would be an
> acceptable takeout price -- about one-third of the $3 billion plus
> potential punitive damages SCO is seeking from IBM.  

Didn't SCO claim they weren't looking to be bought out here?  Has anyone
heard this $1 billion takeout figure before?

Also, note this bit:

> Skiba acknowledges that his call on SCO may be taken as heresy in the
> Linux community, but said it's important to separate the stock from the
> company. In addition, he argues that the idea of Linux being created by
> thousands of volunteer programmers is largely myth, given that
> companies like IBM, Hewlett-Packard  (HPQ:NYSE - commentary - research)
> and others have paid thousands of employees to improve the operating
> system and build a business around it.

Another analyst is quoted as saying:

> "I think it's a stretch to think that an appellate court is going to
> overturn 100 years of copyright law," he said.  

According to the article, there are only two analysts who cover
SCO--Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Skiba and Dion Cornett of Decatur Jones
Equity Partners. I doubt we could really influence these folks, but it's
good to know who they are.
Adam Kessel
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