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Subject: [Public Knowledge] Take Action: Tell the FCC Not to Restrict How 
Americans Watch Television
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Take Action at -> http://www2.publicknowledge.org

Send a fax to the FCC to let them know where you stand on the
"broadcast flag" issue.

Now is not the time to be a couch potato--in just days, the Federal
Communications Commission will make a decision that may place new
restrictions on how you are able to watch television.  At the urging of
large movie studios, the FCC is considering mandating use of a
"broadcast flag" that the studios claim will only prevent piracy of
high definition television programs over the Internet.

Unfortunately, the flag will do much more than that, including
preventing activities that consumers have enjoyed and come to expected
years.  Plain and simple, the broadcast flag is an attempt by Hollywood
not only to control what you watch, but how, when and where you watch

Most of us assumed that as our television becomes  "digital,"
consumers would be able to do more with television programming, not
less. Hollywood and the FCC seem to have other ideas.

Tell the FCC now that it should be up to you, and not Hollywood, to
control your television set, your consumer electronics, your computer,
and the programming that appears over the public airwaves.

Please distribute this message far and wide--forward this email
message to your friends and family, post it to any mailing lists you
are on, link to our action alert from your blog
<http://www2.publicknowledge.org/>, our use your favorite method of

Thank You,

Alex Curtis
Policy Analyst
Public Knowledge


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