[linux-elitists] Re: Yet another mozilla atrocity

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Oct 14 13:21:01 PDT 2003

Quoting Jesse Hutton (jhutton@eden.rutgers.edu):

> No, I was not being intentionally ironic. What I was referring to is the
> tendency of some people to blow the referee's whistle (so to speak), and
> say "aha! that was a non-sequitur (sic)" with no actual substantive
> response. 

Pointing out that a response is non-sequitur (and thus is no response at
all) _is_ a substantive response.  Nothing else need be said.

> In response, Martin asked hypothetically if he had considered the
> possible reasons why the developers of $APP_HE_CARES_ABOUT (I think the
> example Martin brought up was Abiword) chose to use GConf. To me, that
> is not a terribly irrelavent question (considering the general discussion
> has been about the merits of GConf).

What you are "considering" is a red herring:  I had not been debating
the merits of GConf.  I'm sorry you cannot distinguish what multiple
people are saying, but that is really not my problem.

> Just for future reference, what would have been a non-non sequitur
> response?

Various might be possible.  One sort might be "Oh, I guess you're right
that some relevant manpages and stub informational pointers in
/etc/galeonrc and /usr/share/doc/galeon/ might be useful."
Or post some reason why they _wouldn't_ be useful.

> > Note too that there's no hyphen.
> Noted.

The phrase should be hyphenated when used as a compound adjective.  It
should not when used as a noun.

> I think it's entirely legitament to address the assumptions that a
> person makes when they say something.

However, since you were not doing that, the above is non-sequitur.  ;->

> Furthermore, a more productive response to what you see as an
> irrelavent statement might be to say something like "I'm not saying
> that, I'm saying such and such.

If you want me to spend extra time explaining to you what I'm _not_
saying when you're being willfully and annoyingly dense about what I
_am_ saying, offer me a great deal of money for my additional trouble.
Otherwise, frell off and croak, little troll.

Cheers,     Founding member of the Hyphenation Society, a grassroots-based, 
Rick Moen   not-for-profit, locally-owned-and-operated, cooperatively-managed,
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