[linux-elitists] Re: Yet another mozilla atrocity

tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Tue Oct 14 03:19:37 PDT 2003

> I agree that gconf is not
> friendly towards Unix traditionalists, where that term means people
> who want to edit a text dotfile and then restart the application.

I would say the fact that gconf and its assorted tools have no man files or info 
files is a huge project undersight, your missing the part that makes unix unix 
on some level.
Even running it with --help doesnt really elude how the hell you figure out 
where to begin. Pretty thin on the documentation part, i know alot of opensource 
is too, but this is the config tools dude.

>  I
> argued that it's quite well designed for both novices, 

And i call bullshit on that one, sorry, no man pages no docs come on now, what 
are they suppose do call up the psychic hotline? sure i can find it by googling 
but you did use the word novice and you have lost all but the 3lit3 novices at 
this point. might want to edit your response a bit on that one.
>and for expert
> users who are prepared to learn a little bit of new information. 

I like the idea of everything being stored in a kind of metadatabase on some 
level but i cant say im sold enough as it exists today. Be interesting to see 
where it goes though, i find it more interesting they have gotten sun and novell 
sold.  which of these two has the better business plan i wonder. Assuming you 
think either of them do have one.

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