[linux-elitists] Re: Yet another mozilla atrocity

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Mon Oct 13 12:16:14 PDT 2003

begin  Karsten M. Self  quotation:
> on Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 11:21:48PM +1000, Ben Finney
> (ben@benfinney.id.au) wrote:
> > At a guess, presumably it's to get around character-set limits of
> > the XML format chosen.  If so, it's not a very good reason, since
> > XML should usually be UTF-8, allowing any currently-used character
> > to be stored directly in the file.
> I was thinking about that.  Likely Unicode / large characterset
> issues.  What are the XML limitations on this?

	The same limitations as UTF-8.  Next.

The hackers control the means of abstraction!


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