[linux-elitists] NYT on SCO/Canopy

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Mon Oct 13 12:00:07 PDT 2003

[Cool, we have a list again...]

> Copyright Lawsuit Is Turnabout for SCO

This is an impressively bad article, as is hinted by its title.  Elitists
know, of course, that SCO has no "copyright lawsuit."

But if you look at what's in there, you do get the following key tidbit: a
(former) Canopy company has given in and settled a GPL lawsuit.  *That*, I
believe, is what they would like to suppress; "innocent infringement" looks
like a distraction and no more.

Anybody know where more information on this suit can be found?  Inquiring
minds most certainly want to know.


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