[linux-elitists] SCO Woes III: 6 weeks later. I still can't buy a license from SCO.

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Sun Oct 12 23:31:20 PDT 2003

Don Marti writes:

> begin Jonathan Corbet quotation of Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 06:58:43PM -0600:
> > I'd actually sort-of been hoping that they would send me an invoice; that's
> > something one could have some fun with.
> Fun as in a trip to see the Attorney General.  Nice of SCO to wait
> on the invoice thing until the recall election frenzy is over and
> we can find parking spaces in Sacramento.

Attorney General Lockyer has a rather expansive view of trade secret
law.  I heard him argue _DVD CCA v. Bunner_ for the plaintiffs in the
Supreme Court of California, and he was very adamant that we need a
trade secret law that strongly protects trade secret holders and
stronger deters prospective misappropriators, in order to create a
favorable climate for the technology and entertainment businesses in

Lockyer took the unusual step of arguing the cause himself, instead of
sending a Deputy Attorney General or an Assistant Attorney General.
The case right before Bunner was argued for the state that day by one
of Lockyer's staff members, but Lockyer argued Bunner himself.

You can also read his brief in the same case at


if you want to get some of the flavor of it.  The Attorney General's
oral argument was the same, only more so.  I'm not sure if the Court
has published a transcript of it.

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