[linux-elitists] press Shift, go to jail

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Oct 9 12:24:54 PDT 2003

I hope you all saved the stick and FREE from your FREE DMITRY sign
like I told you.


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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 12:29:53 -0700
From: SunnGramm@sunncomm.com
Subject: Hi Don, SunnComm CEO Says Princeton Report Critical of its MediaMax CD Copy Management Technology Contains Erroneous Assumptions and Conclusions
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                   SunnComm Press Releases                  
      SunnComm CEO Says Princeton Report Critical of its    
       MediaMax CD Copy Management Technology Contains      
            Erroneous Assumptions and Conclusions           
        In evaluating the alleged objectivity of Alex       
    Halderman*s report entitled *Analysis of the MediaMax   
   CD3 Copy Prevention System,* it should be noted that Mr. 
    Halderman has stated in writing that he believes that   
    his alleged **discovery will compel the music industry  
          to abandon their copy resistant efforts.*         
   PHOENIX, Ariz., October 9, 2003 * SunnComm Technologies, ABOUT SUNNCOMM    
   Inc. (OTC: STEH), a leader in digital content security                     
   and enhancement for optical media, announced today that  SunnComm          
   it intends to take legal action against the writer of a  Technologies Inc. 
   critical report entitled: *Analysis of the MediaMax CD3  became the first  
   Copy-Prevention System.* According to Peter Jacobs,      company to        
   SunnComm*s CEO, *The conclusions contained in the        commercially      
   Princeton University grad student*s report issued last   release a         
   Monday, were derived from incorrect assumptions by its   content-protected 
   author. The author did not ask for, or receive,          audio CD          
   SunnComm*s MediaMax *white paper* documentation          utilizing an      
   available on the technology prior to concluding that     early version of  
   *MediaMax and similar copy-prevention systems are        the Windows Media 
   irreparably flawed...**                                  Data Session      
   SunnComm believes that by making erroneous assumptions   SunnComm's        
   in putting together his critical review of the MediaMax  copy-management   
   CD-3 technology, Mr. Halderman came to false conclusions technology was    
   concerning the robustness and efficacy of SunnComm*s     commercially      
   MediaMax technology. Based on several of these incorrect released by Music 
   assumptions, Mr. Halderman and Princeton University have City records in   
   significantly damaged SunnComm*s reputation and caused   2001 which became 
   the market value of SunnComm to drop by over $10         America's first   
   million.                                                 copy-protected    
                                                            audio CD. It has  
   In addition, SunnComm believes that Mr. Halderman has    become a leader   
   violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by  in digital        
   disclosing unpublished MediaMax management files placed  content           
   on a user*s computer after user approval is granted.     enhancement and   
   Once the file is found and deleted according to the      security          
   instructions given in the Princeton grad student*s       technology for    
   report, the MediaMax copy management system can be       optical media     
   bypassed resulting in the copyrighted protected music    with its MediaMax 
   being converted or misappropriated for potentially       CD-3 suite of     
   unauthorized and/or illegal use. SunnComm intends to     products.         
   refer this possible felony to authorities having                           
   jurisdiction over these matters because: 1. The author   SunnComm's        
   admits that he disabled the driver in order to make an   MediaMax CD3      
   unprotected copy of the disc*s contents, and 2. SunnComm Suite of Digital  
   believes that the author*s report was *disseminated in a Content           
   manner which facilitates infringement* in violation of   Enhancement       
   the DMCA or other applicable law.                        technologies are  
                                                            built using       
   Concludes Jacobs, *This cat-and-mouse game that hackers  Microsoft         
   and others like to play with owners of digital property  (NASDAQ:MSFT)     
   is over. No matter what their credentials or rationale,  Windows Media 9   
   it is wrong to use one*s knowledge and the cover of      Series but        
   academia to facilitate piracy and theft of digital       operate on both   


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