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tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Thu Oct 9 10:26:07 PDT 2003

> Sorry for a lamer question (and apologies to interrupt
> the flambe fete),

personally i have quit reading the flamefest so i welcome the short interlude.

> but I'm currently trying
> to get my DNS (bind9) going. Do you use granitecanyon.com
> for secondary, or do elitists triage for each other?

I had used granite canyon years ago but they have been plagued with outages some 
lasting more than a week, at that point i told a friend who i had setup a 
network for that i was going to be builting in DNS for him and had him running 
secondary for me for quite a while, now i have another friend who is more 
knowledgeable running secondary for me, each of these choices though was better 
than granite canyon. I should say this happened around 3-4 years ago so they 
might have gotten better, but i wouldnt count on it either.

If your looking for free dns might want to try zoneedit.com.

word of warning though, they wont work as just a secondary, they dont poll the 
master unless its them as master as they are supposed to, you will want to 
either have them for primary and secondary or look elsewhere. We spent a few 
hours trying to figure out how they were setup they do some wierd stuff but 
never had them go down which in the end was the important thing.

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