[linux-elitists] Re: Yet another mozilla atrocity

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Thu Oct 9 03:29:47 PDT 2003

> This is my specific impression dealing with Jeff.  Martin's been rather
> more forthcoming, and I appreciate this.

Dude, you kicked it all off by flaming. I responded in kind, but far less
demonising than your continued personal attacks. Martin, who has less
emotional attachment to the issue, responded more calmly. I'm still amazed
that this shocks you so.

> But skyscrapers and airplanes aren't individual projects, they're
> designed and built by teams, with specialties:  flight controls,
> hydraulics, materials, fuel bladder design, interior layout.  The person
> who comes up with a more sensible passenger seating design needn't be
> qualified to punch rivets on the airframe.  Jeff's argument by way of
> Pennington's essay appears to make the opposite case.

Sheesh, dude, take a step back. You're dissing the inner workings of a
software system without really grokking the issues, and you're wondering
why people who have to deal with this inane noise day-in, day-out are less
inclined to listen. Again, I'm amazed that you're surprised at this very
common reaction in the Free Software community.

The problem with your analogy is that you're not interested in
participating in the team, and you haven't provided a more sensible
passenger seating design. Perhaps if you had, or you had made your
criticisms in a constructive manner, we could regard your input as

You've consistently demonised me throughout this thread, which is also a
form of evasion. I'm willing to pony up the answers to your questions, and
provide some insights into why various decisions were made, but holy crap
dude, how much effort do you expect me to make when you're just railing

I wouldn't bother dealing with this kind of thread on any other list, but
I'm willing to take your inappropriate level of flamage because I have
some trust that people on this list are willing to listen and talk through
the issues.

- Jeff

  So, "Jeffrey" seems to mean "the ineffectual, victimised guy in
  American movies" in four different languages.

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