[linux-elitists] SCO Woes III: 6 weeks later. I still can't buy a license from SCO.

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Oct 8 19:30:42 PDT 2003

begin Jonathan Corbet quotation of Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 06:58:43PM -0600:

> I'd actually sort-of been hoping that they would send me an invoice; that's
> something one could have some fun with.

Fun as in a trip to see the Attorney General.  Nice of SCO to wait
on the invoice thing until the recall election frenzy is over and
we can find parking spaces in Sacramento.

> Apparently, though, the response
> to the licensing program is "adequate," so they don't need to send invoices
> anymore. 

Darl's last revenue prediction for the quarter ending this month
was $22-25 million, and he made the prediction on August 14th.


Which assuming SCO's product and service sales stay about the same
(which is generous of me) means he has to get at least $10.5 million
in SCOsource revenue.

Now, here's SCO reporting on the quarter ended April 30...

"The two licensing agreements signed by us to date resulted in
revenue of $8,250,000 during the April 30, 2003 quarter and provide
for an aggregate of an additional $5,000,000 to be paid to us over
the next three quarters."


And here they are reporting on the quarter ended July 31...

"The two licensing agreements signed by us to date resulted in revenue
of $8,250,000 during the April 30, 2003 quarter and $7,280,000 during
the July 31, 2003 quarter.  The license agreement with Sun provides for
an additional $2,500,000 to be paid to us by November 2003.  On July
31, 2003, Microsoft exercised an option to acquire expanded licensing
rights.  Upon delivery, we expect to recognize additional revenue
related to this option."


They signed a license for $5 million over three quarters and
collected $7.3 million in the first quarter?   Beats working I guess.

Quarter end     SCOsource revenue ($million)   From
April           8.3                            Sun, Microsoft

July            7.3                            Sun, Microsoft

October        10.5 (predicted)                two mystery licensees
                                               announced in August

                                               More Sun, Microsoft(?)


But really, does it seem like a prediction Darl made on August
14th -- a week after starting the shakedown -- would be accurate
now that the shakedown didn't, as far as I can tell, go anywhere?
It's hard to believe that they would be closing SCOsource deals
and _not_ sending out press releases, considering their boundless
energy in that department.

Considering that SCO just paid the bills for the Las Vegas blowout
-- out of which Intel bailed as a sponsor -- I'm having trouble
believing they're going to have a profitable quarter.

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