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on Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 11:45:56AM -0700, Don Marti (dmarti@zgp.org) wrote:
> begin Jonathan Corbet quotation of Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 12:17:54PM -0600:
> > Google is not tremendously helpful in this case; they appear to be a
> > "micro-cap" mutual fund manager; they are owned by "Legg Mason."  Anybody
> > know any more which might give some insight into why they bought so much of
> > this stock?
> Here's the man in charge of one Royce & Associates fund -- Jonathan
> Cohen.  He has 5% of his assets in SCO (and 2.6% in Unisys!)
> http://www.roycefunds.com/commentary/index.html

Interesting.  I've had my finger on Unisys for a while, and have
mentioned them to several people in private, though not in public

  - They're a largely fallen, former mainframe vendor (well, several:
    Sperry Rand + Burroughs, merged 1986).  Currently trading at roughly
    half the 1986 post-merger price.


  - They've had run-ins with the free software crowd in the past (GIF
    LWZ patent patents).

  - They've been a Microsoft toady for years.  Current products tend to
    be high-end, partitionable x86 multi-CPU systems, principly aimed at
    running multiple instances of WinNT or successor OSs.

  - They tipped their hand majorly in the "We Have The Way Out" campaign


I see Unisys as another Wang:  a company slowly depleting its assets,
beholden to Microsoft, and ultimately a proxy to be sacrificed in the
battle against free software by Microsoft.  Keep 'em in your sights.

Should've stuck with typewriters.


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