[linux-elitists] Re: Yet another mozilla atrocity

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Fri Oct 3 08:29:27 PDT 2003

<quote who="Nick Moffitt">

> > It doesn't, really, and is known to be suboptimal. The file backend
> > is on its way to being fixed.
> 	Cool.

Y'know, that's exactly the point.

We're trying to converge on cool. Cool takes a heck of a lot of work, and
part of being cool means making releases, and it's okay to be lame when
you're making releases with the goal of being cool. And it's okay to have
some first-run, suboptimal beginnings to cool convergence componentry. Like
GConf. The idea is fucken great. Parts of the implementation are sweet. But
it's out in the real world, and we're seeing the uncoolness, we're swimming
in the uncoolness. We're smelling it out and kicking its uncool arse all
around town. If we sat on our hands and built some golden temple ultimate
system, we'd have badass pins and needles like Laika the space dog, and some
boofhead would call it The Final Solution, we'd be branded as anti-semites,
and we're really just Woody Allen fans. So in the mean time, you get these
hyped up crazy motherfuckers saying "hey, like, what the fuck is with this
tree of XML files, and who the fuck thought up that shit?" pouting like four
year olds and squawking at each other with tablespoons of bile. No, the XML
foo was never meant to be human editable you mungbeans - it's a database!
They are, however, human recoverable and common tool grokkable. It's not a
great big binary mess; you can still get to it if you need to. Yeah, yeah,
so you're all heart broken that you can't give these config files the anal
retentive OCD treatment. Tough biscuits, the rest of the world doesn't have
selective autism like we do, deal with it. The current implementation could
be improved in a number of areas, and much of that is being executed, or
mostly planned out. And that's okay; we have software out there, and we're
converging on...


THAT'S what I'm talking about, Willis.

- Jeff

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