[linux-elitists] Re: Yet another mozilla atrocity

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Fri Oct 3 07:44:59 PDT 2003

> > I used to defend work on "friendly desktops" because, as we all know,
> > there's a Linux system hiding underneath and those of us who don't want to
> > deal with all that crap can just route around it.

> What do you define as "all that crap", though?

Generic GUI crap, with no specific references to any particular system.  

When I got a new laptop, I tossed RH9 onto it because I hadn't done any Red
Hat since 7.x and figured I should catch up.  "All that crap" in this case
includes things like:

- How do I get rid of those desktop icons and that monster nautilus process
  running in the background?  I *hate* file managers.

- How do I make it stop throwing windows at me every time I put a CD in the

And so on.  On the other hand, I appreciated being able to configure a
wireless network card without having to go in and figure out the
incantations all over again.  Graphical interfaces can be nice for that
sort of "one a year" task.


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